Creating dreams since 1978

Boite d'Or jewels are born from a careful research and selection of gems and materials that give life to unique and timeless creations. The idea is to offer classic jewelry made with excellent care, as well as unique and alternative pieces for the choice of the least known gems or for the use of a more particular design. In this way each person can find the jewel that comes closest to their personality.

Boite d'Or is famous for its jewelry creations that are known for their uniqueness, creativity and competitiveness. In fact, thanks to its own production laboratory, most of the jewels are made internally to guarantee a personalized offer.

The Gemological Laboratory

Boite d'Or is equipped with an intern laboratory, specialized to create its own jewels following all stages of production, that is the reason why it offers a completely personalized service to its customers who want to modify or create their jewelry. The goal is to transform memories into new emotions.

In addition, the laboratory guarantees an assistance and repair service of the jewels, which each time, they return to shine like new.

The owners of the Boite d'Or are gemologists. In particular, Alberto Prandoni, graduated from the G.I.A. (American Gemological Institute), considered the best in the world. He controls the internal gemological laboratory, where the gems are selected and classified. The laboratory is available to customers for any estimates of family jewels and certifications, made by appointment.

Precious Creations

The creation of a jewel is complex and requires several production steps, all equally important.

It’s fundamental to find the right design to combine with the gems that are carefully selected.

Only after the choice of the design we move on to the actual production, which is carried out by expert craftsmen, always updated on the latest techniques. Most of the phases are still made by hand, to ensure the craftsmanship and uniqueness of the jewel.


Tailor-made jewelry

We combine gems with the right design. We produce personalized handmade jewelry, to ensure the craftsmanship and uniqueness of the jewel.


Brand of excellence

Among our high-end watchmaking brands stand out Rolex and Tudor, for Jewelry, Chantecler and Dolce & Gabbana as well as of course the jewels of our production.


Second Wrist

We offer a showcase of second-hand watches with a guarantee that certifies the originality of all components and the correct functioning of the watches.