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If you happen to have any questions that are not answered in our FAQs or if you need help selecting a piece of jewellery, we will be available for a personal consultation. Please come and see us in our salesrooms in Cuneo or Limone or just give us a call. You can reach us Tuesdays through Friday during our opening hours from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. and from 3:15 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. or Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 13:00 a.m. and from 3:15 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. (Italian time).

The evaluation of precious stones follows a number of criteria. Two diamonds of the same size can differ considerably in regard to value as well as effect. We have summed up the most important criteria under the term “4 Cs”: Carat, Colour, Clarity, Cut.

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Since about 1913 the weight of diamonds and other precious stones has been measured in carat. One carat equals 0.0070548 ounces or 1/5 of gram. If all other criteria are identical, the diamond with a higher number of carats will be worth more. The more carats a stone weighs the larger and usually also more valuable it will be.

90% of all diamonds have a yellowish coloration. The ideal diamond, however, is almost colorless and therefore free of any visible hue. The value of a diamond increases with the degree of colorlessness, because diamonds like this are quite rare. The different degrees of coloration are listed in a color-grade scale. It reaches from D to Z, with D being the highest grade (colorless). The colors D to F are basically graded as colorless (exceptional white), the colors G to H are considered good white, and the colors from J show a visible coloration. At Boite D´Or only diamonds ranging from D to H are available which means that they are colorless (nothing less than super white and white diamonds).

Diamonds are a product of nature. They are formed at great depths in the earth mantle. Therefore, inclusions are quite a common phenomenon, while a flawless diamond is an exception to the rule. The official grading scale ranges from FL/IF (flawless) to P3 (coarse inclusions). At Boite D´Or we only use diamonds with a degree of purity ranging from IF to S12, where inclusions cannot be made out with the unaided eye. The less inclusions a diamond has the more rare it is, which makes it more valuable.

Title Meaning Description
FL flawless Flawless with the exception of tool marks due to processing (no inclusions at 10X magnification).
IF internally flawless Inclusions are almost impossible to perceive, even with 10x magnification.
VVS1 / VVSI very, very slightly inclusions Inclusions very hard to perceive, even with 10x magnification.
VVS2 very, very slightly inclusions Inclusions very hard to perceive, even with 10x magnification.
VS1 / VSI very slightly inclusions Inclusions hard to perceive with 10x magnification.
VS2 very slightly inclusions Inclusions perceptible with 10x magnification.
SI1 slightly inclusions Inclusions easily perceptible with 10x magnification, but invisible to unaided eye.
SI2 slightly inclusions Inclusions very easily perceptible with 10 x magnification, but not with the unaided eye easily.
PI1 Piqué I (Pikee I) Inclusions just barely perceptible with the unaided eye, and affections to transparency and/or durability of the stone.
PI2 Piqué II (Pikee II) Inclusions perceptible with the unaided eye, brilliance is slightly affected.
PI3 Piqué III (Pikee III) Inclusions very perceptible with the unaided eye, brilliance is definitely affected and very dangerous stone.

A diamond´s fire is coaxed out by its cut. No matter how clear and flawless a diamond is, it needs a cut to turn it into something special. A good cut enhances the reflection of the light, thus giving the diamond its “fire” that makes it so desirable. Diamonds can be cut in different shapes, the most common being the brilliant cut, as its round shape is definitely the best way to catch the light. However, there are many other ways to cut a stone. For what concern fancy cuts, such as all the cuts different than brilliant cut, it’s very important to select a high quality cut in order to avoid bow-tie or windowing effect.

A ring that fits your finger perfectly will make you enjoy this unique piece of jewellery even more. To make your ring a comfortable fit, it is important to determine your ring size as accurately as possible. The ring should neither be to loose nor to tight. Please remember that your fingers´ circumference is subject to slight changes due to age, season, and time of day. In the evenings fingers (if warm) tend to be slightly thicker than in the mornings, when they are cold. This can also occur in the summer. If you are unsure what size to select, we recommend opting for the larger one.

With women ring sizes generally range from 9 to 19. Most women chose 10 to 15 when shopping at Boite D´Or. With men ring sizes generally range from 16 to 29. Most men chose 19 to 27 when shopping at Boite D´Or.

If you want to buy a ring as a gift for someone whose size you are not familiar with, we recommend using a ring the person likes to wear. Just make sure that the ring fits and is worn on the right finger. You can also download our size-finder pdf, print it out, and place the ring on the different size diagrams to find out the right size. Please use the scale contained in the pdf to see if you have selected the right print alignment by measuring it with a ruler.

In our webshop we use the smaller European ring sizes (7-30).

Europe ring size Inside ring diameter (millimeter) Inside ring circumference (millimeter) USA ring size British ring size Japan ring size Inside ring diameter (Inch) Inside ring circumference (Inch)
47 or 7 14.69 47 4.0 F 7 0.58 1.85
48 or 8 15.28 48 4.5 G 8 0.60 1.89
49 or 9 15.60 49 5.0 H 9 0.61 1.93
50 or 10 15.92 50 5.5 I 10 0.63 1.97
51 or 11 16.23 51 6.0 J 11 0.64 2.01
52 or 12 16.55 52 6.5 K 12 0.65 2.05
53 or 13 16.87 53 7.0 L 13 0.66 2.09
54 or 14 17.19 54 7.5 M 14 0.68 2.13
55 or 15 17.51 55 8.0 N 15 0.69 2.17
56 or 16 17.83 56 8.5 O 16 0.70 2.20
57 or 17 18.14 57 9.0 P 17 0.71 2.24
58 or 18 18.46 58 9.5 Q 18 0.73 2.28
59 or 19 18.78 59 10.0 R 19 0.74 2.32
60 or 20 19.10 60 10.5 S 20 0.75 2.36
61 or 21 19.42 61 11.0 T 21 0.76 2.40
62 or 22 19.74 62 11.5 U 22 0.78 2.44
63 or 23 20.06 63 12.0 V 23 0.79 2.48
64 or 24 20.37 64 12.5 W 24 0.80 2.52
65 or 25 20.69 65 13.0 X 25 0.81 2.56
66 or 26 21.01 66 13.5 Y 26 0.83 2.60
67 or 27 21.33 67 14.0 Z 27 0.84 2.64
68 or 28 21.65 68 14.5 Z+1 28 0.85 2.68
69 or 29 21.96 69 15.0 Z+2 29 0.86 2.72
70 or 30 22.28 70 15.5 Z+3 30 0.88 2.76

Boite D´Or has also achieved the membership in the RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council), a non-for profit organization that aims to control the diamond, gold and platinum production from mine to retail. The Code of Practices of the RJC addresses human rights, labour rights, environmental impact, mining practices, product disclosure and many more important topics in the jewellery supply chain.

certificate issued by a gemmological institute guarantees the genuineness of the diamonds. The certificate contains a complete description of the diamonds´ individual characteristics, which make it possible to determine their value. These certificates are always issued in English. The American institute GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is the largest certifying institution for diamonds worldwide. The quality of its certificates is very high and accepted in the entire industry.